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Google Sketchup Woodworking

You Can Do That! Woodworking Projects in Google Sketchup

If you’re interested in exploring some woodworking projects, there’s a cool way to get an interactive look at the mechanics of various items from tool boxes to furniture using Google Sketchup. Popular Woodworking Magazine offers Sketchup versions of all of the woodworking projects in its ‘I Can Do That!’ series and many more items, with [...]

Wood Grades D&Better

Eastern White Pine Flooring Options: Choosing a Grade

When you’re choosing new wood flooring, whether it’s for a single room or a large commercial project, there are a lot of factors to consider. You’ll have the option of solid wood or a manufactured wood product, raw or pre-finished. You also have to choose a wood species, a stain and a plank width, all of [...]

Architectural Monographs: Early Wood Houses of Central New York

Believing that the colonial buildings of New England are the standard upon which America’s greatest architecture should continue to be based, the authors of the bi-monthly publication ‘The White Pine Series of Architectural Monographs’ frequently pointed out the inferior quality of virtually anything built after the year 1830. The Classic revival, in particular, was seen [...]


This Week in Wood: Are Wooden Skyscrapers Firesafe?

As wood grows more popular than ever as a primary material for even the tallest of structures, some people have asked: aren’t these buildings facing increased danger of burning down? It might seem logical that since wood is a combustible material, using it to build tall structures would present a significant safety risk to anyone [...]

EWP Monographs Montpelier 3

Architectural Monographs: The Classic Montpelier House, Maryland

Built sometime in the late 16th century, the ‘Montpelier’ house of Prince George County, Maryland was praised as a beautifully executed brick Colonial home in this 1930 edition of the White Pine Series of Architectural Monographs and still stands today, nearly a century later. It’s a great example of immaculately preserved early American craftsmanship, and [...]


Fresh Wood: Student Competition Promotes Woodworking Careers

What does the future of the woodworking industry look like? The ‘Fresh Wood’ competition, sponsored by the Association of Woodworking & Furnishings Suppliers (AWFS), promotes woodworking and design education programs and encourages students to pursue careers in these fields. The competition gives students a chance to show off their work and win prizes including cash [...]

Todd Fratzel, Wood Geek

  How long have you been working with wood?  I remember spending time in my dad’s workshop at a very early age. The first wood project I remember making was a wall plaque with a wood burn design on it when I was about 10 years old. I guess that means I’ve been working with [...]

Wood Extension Paris Apartments 2

Angular House Extension Brings Wooden Architecture to Urban Paris

All-wood additions have become a more common sight in suburban neighborhoods, and now, they’re popping up in urban locations, too. This modern, geometric wooden extension to a house in Paris contrasts with the more historical architecture seen next door and on much of the street. BANG architects is a single-story addition topping a two-story home [...]