1916 White Pine Competition for a Suburban House and Garage

EWP Monograph II - VIIn 1916, architects were challenged to design a suburban house and single-car garage made almost entirely of Eastern White Pine. The White Pine Architectural Competition aimed to be a showcase of architectural details, including window casings, cornice boards, ornaments and moldings, coming together in an attractive and comfortable home that met the aesthetic and practical standards of the day.

Some of the country’s most prominent architects responded to the challenge, and the 366 entries submitted managed to meet the requirements while each offering its own particular look. The house and garage needed to be built for no more than ten thousand dollars, while taking into consideration the challenges of a rectangular lot with frontage on a highway and unobstructed river views.

Plans of each of the top submissions, featured in Volume II, Issue IV of the White Pine Monographs, offer an intriguing snapshot of early 20th century suburban architecture. Read the whole story and see the winning designs at the Monograph Library, preserved and made available to the public by NELMA.