Bark Peelers Festival at the Pennsylvania Lumber Museum

crosscut saws

In Pennsylvania, locals had a whole lot of lumber-related fun at the Bark Peeler’s Festival, held the first weekend of July. This year, the 45th annual edition of the festival honoring the state’s lumbering heritage was just as much fun as ever, with the photos and video to prove it.

log rolling competition

frog jump

Taking place at the Pennsylvania Lumber Museum, the festival features food, entertainment, events and demonstrations including a log rolling contest, frog jumping contest, log skidding, cross cut saw competition, kid’s sawdust scramble and a greased pole competition. Between 2,000-3,000 people attend the festival every year.

Here’s a description of another fun feature at the festival, via the Potter Leader-Enterprise:

“For the first time in a few years, the museum will have someone to operate a saw mill off of a Ford Model T. Model T’s were known to be easily modified for many different things, including to run small, portable saw mills. Pieces of the car are stripped away and just the wheels, chassis and engine are left. Instead of a cab, there’s a saw and a rig to run boards through the saw.”

model t sawmill

It’s fun to see all the different ways communities with this kind of rich logging history celebrate their heritage and continue their traditions.

Photos via Pennsylvania Lumber Museum – Facebook