Love for Eastern White Pine: Your Projects, Tributes & More

Eastern White Pine tree on Instagram

Beautifully crafted cabins, enormous specimens, wildlife spotting in the woods, timber frame perfection and reading materials – these are just a few of the things people across the world share on Instagram every day under the hashtag #easternwhitepine.

For instance, did you know there’s an entire book about the history of the Eastern White Pine? It’s called White Pine – American History and the Tree That Made a Nation, by Andrew Vietze. Have you seen this extraordinary softwood used as exterior siding, or truly appreciated the beauty of a timber frame before it’s finished?

Tagged Instagram posts give us a chance to see the Eastern White Pine tree in all its forms: as collected pine cones, saplings about to be planted, majestic individual trees, vast landscapes of pine that are home to countless creatures, raw lumber, projects in progress, completed projects and even the needles in use as tea.

But the best part about seeing Eastern White Pine on Instagram is the love and appreciation that so many people clearly hold for this tree, its place in the ecosystem and its contributions to our lives. Please keep sharing!

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