Prepare to be Impressed: 50 Architectural Details Made of Wood

endesa pavilion main

Some people say wood is ‘having a moment,’ pointing out the rising popularity of this material in architectural projects all over the world. But considering the long history of wooden structures, which have been in use since the earliest days of human civilization, it’s clear that wood is simply an enduring classic that will always shine, no matter what flashy new materials may come along. While it’s true that new building codes approving the use of wood as a structural material in high-rise projects has led to a new wooden building boom, this ‘trend’ is here to stay.

A collection of 50 construction details that stand out for their clever use of wood over at ArchDaily just proves this point. The world’s most-visited architecture website rounded up an impressive gallery of recent projects, from hotels and cabins to birdwatching observatories. Here’s a brief selection from their list – check out the whole thing at ArchDaily.

Endesa Pavilion / Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (top image and below)

wood architecture endesa pavilion

Belvedere for Koblenz / Dethier Architectures

wood architecture belvedere

BCN Re.Set – Identity Pavilion / Urbanus

wooden architecture identity pavilion

Tasting Room at Sokol Blosser Winery / Allied Works Architecture

wooden architecture tasting room

Brooklyn Garden Studio / Hunt Architecture

wooden architecture brooklyn garden studio

Nine Bridges Country Club / Shigeru Ban Architects

wooden architecture nine bridges