Shaker Style: Classic American Furniture Made of Eastern White Pine

Shaker Furniture Eastern White Pine 1
Much like the Windsor chair, an English design that was refined by early American craftsmen, Shaker style is among the most classic and iconic furniture traditions in our country’s history. The Shakers emphasized simplicity and functionality, creating beds, chairs, benches, clocks, cradles and much more boasting clean, elegant lines and sturdy construction.

Shaker Furniture Eastern White PIne 4

The underlying principles of Shaker design, which often includes innovative joinery and peg systems as seen above, have had a significant impact on modern furniture. Free of frills yet made to the highest quality standards, these pieces fit in to a wide range of interior design styles, from traditional country to minimalist contemporary aesthetics.

Shaker Furniture Eastern White Pine 2

Shaker Furniture Eastern White Pine 3

Many Shaker items are made using Eastern White Pine, including the seats of true classics like the Shaker Meetinghouse Bench and Revolving Stool by Shaker Workhouse (pictured top). Other items, like the Shaker Bed and Chest from Shipskewana Furniture, are made entirely of this durable and versatile wood.