Solid Pine ‘Wave Shelf’ Changes its Shape Within Seconds

pine wave shelf

At first glance, it looks like this bookshelf is made almost entirely out of small pieces of dimensional lumber – an unusual choice, but not unheard of. Put push or pull on any one of those boards and the shelf will change its shape in your hands, the individual segments sliding and shifting. The Wave Shelf by Studio Lorier is a fun twist on solid pine shelving, giving the user total control over how it looks.

pine wave shelf 2

pine wave shelf 3

Each of the layers moves independently, shifting to either side. You can create zig-zags, offset each layer from the next and straighten it back up again in a matter of minutes. The designers don’t show us the back of the shelf, so it’s unclear exactly how it works, but once you’ve chosen your desired configuration you just have to tighten a single screw in the back to hold it in place.

pine wave shelf 4

The shelf made its debut at Salone Satellite in Milan, an international design event dedicated to designers under the age of 35.